Babies, toddlers and children photography

The best scenery for photo shootting  babies is their home with mummy and daddy around. When they feel cosy and worm they are the best models ever.  Till the 3rd week babies sleep the most of the day so when they are fed, it is easy to make a lovely little scene and take the most amazing photos. When talking about todddlers as models- they are mostly in action so it is important to make them feel comfortable, allow to play and have fun.


Mummy and Daddy to be photography

All the mumies to be are naturally beautiful so it is wonderful to have preganancy photos with the little life inside. When you are around 7 months pregnant it is the best time for taking professional photos because you are not too tired, bump looks beautiful and I can assure that even in an hour it is possible to make your day. Daddies are welcome too, when you know the sex and already picked the name, I can prepare nice accesions for the session. An otdoor one or in the house, in your favourite cafe or anywhere you would like.


Wedding photography

Wedding is ne of the the most important day in everyone’s life. We cannot imagine  this ceremony without a photographer who can keep all those amazing moments alive for years. When meeting the members of families and closest friends to celebrate with the bride and groom taking photos is as much enjoyable as the ceremony itself.


Family photography

Family celebrations such as Babtism of a child, First Communion or birthdays


Commercial photography

Restaurants, cafes, hotels, companies